Apps & Games

I worked for a company called Funx Corporation in Fukuoka, Japan for 4 years. During this time I was the lead graphic designer and artist so I have a lot of experience creating graphics and icons for apps. This was also when I learnt how to create my own games and apps in Unity using JavaScript and C#. If you're looking to get some UI design, icons or general graphics for apps created, definitely get in touch. I can also create apps solo, so if you've got an idea for an app you'd like to see created, feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.

Digital Copel

Digital Copel is an educational app targeted at children aged 0-6. It's based on a long running Japanese curriculum that focuses on full brain (left + right hemispheres) education.

I worked on Digital Copel in a team as the lead graphic designer. I handled all of the in-game artwork, UI design and Animation. I also handled a lot of programming in C#. Digital Copel was developed in Unity3D.

You can find out more about the app as well as download it for free at

I also created a web version which you can play for free on your PC or Mac at this link. This was entirely a solo project. Loading times may vary so please be patient as Unity are still optimizing their WebGL performance.

Sokkyo - Improv Suggestions

Sokkyo was a solo project of mine in order to create a quick, free and easy to use improv suggestion generator. I built this all from scratch as well as sourced all of the word lists myself. I put a lot of emphasis on the game needing as few clicks as possible to get up and running.

The most notable feature is that it has the ability to combine 3 random strings to create a totally unique prompt for the users to base their scene around.

Sokkyo was built in Unity3D and programmed in C#.

Sokkyo is currently the highest ranked Improv app on the Google play store, and has received a lot of praise from the improv community on reddit, as well as many improv teachers and comedy club owners around the world.

You can find out more about the app, read testimonials as well as download it for free OR try it online at your PC at

Haul: Seattle Hauling Services

Haul is an app developed by a seattle based moving company. I was contacted to create a set of icons representing the three different vehicles used by the company, as well as icons to represent the most common items being Hauled.

All of the icons needed to read well at a small size, and look good in a grid.

The most imporant feature of the vehicle icons was that they accurately represent the size difference between the vehicles.

There was also a space needle icon that needed to be simple but still recognizable as the iconic structure.

You can find out more about the app by checking it out on the appstore. I highly reccomend it if you're in Seattle.